Amanda Simons

Amanda Simons is an Actor, Writer and Producer.

She is best known for the role of ‘Claire’ in SBS’ mini series Danger 5. Danger 5 is a spy team out to get Hitler. Series 1 aired in 2012 and the long awaited second season aired January 2015.

In late 2013 Amanda Co-wrote, directed and produced the web series CARE. CARE allowed Amanda to act in the sketch format and create absurd characters such as Josie, Maraka and Debbie.

Amanda’s comedy talents have been recognised internationally. She stared in a series of Television commercials in Greece.

Amanda was raised in Logan City Queensland. She attended the CAD at McGRegory high school, a program for actors. She won an international modelling competition in 2001 and traveled the worlds top fashion markets until landing the role of Claire in 2012. After being based in Melbourne Australia until 2014 she relocated to Los Angeles.

In LA Amanda studies improv at the Groundlings theatre. The Groundlings are known for training Will Farrell, Kristin Wig and Melissa McCarthy to mention a few of her personal heroes. The character based improv is what drew Amanda to the school.

After studying creative and professional writing at Victoria University and Visual Arts and Contemporary Craft and South Bank I.T Amanda has written and illustrated what she describes as ‘Picture books for adults’. ‘The Happy Happy Hooker’ and ‘The Right Kind’ tell stories in images and words to doll out hard life lessons in a comical way. ‘The Right Kind will be released in print along side a web series in late 2017.  ‘The Happy Happy Hooker’ is available for sale on